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  • About Matt

    Matt Hsu is a QLD Music Award nominated musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist, PhD researcher and university tutor based in Brisbane, Australia.

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      One person orchestra

      Playing over 20 instruments incuding accordion, double bass, trumpet, drums, saw, banjo and shakuhachi.

    • gesture

      Creative innovation

      Taking creative paths less travelled to create evocative intricately-crafted music, rather than 'samey' sounds.

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      Global inspirations

      Drawing from a diverse upbringing immersed in world music, his work explores spaces between cultures.

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      Bands and ensembles

      Played on Triple J, ABC's Rage, and toured internationally as part of The Mouldy Lovers and Virginia Sook.

  • Composing work

    Steeped in world music since childhood, Matt creates multilayered compositions that explore the grey areas between cultures, with an eclectic mix of instruments.

    • Organic sounds

      Every composition created naturally with acoustic instruments and field recordings rather than eletronically.

    • Award-winning creations

      Recognised by 16 international film festivals, including being awarded Finalist at Los Angeles CineFest.

    • Light and shade

      Evoking a dramatic span of moods. From dark to whimsical, grandiose to primal, ethereal to exuberant.

    • Adventurous and original

      Music that resonates through daring creativity, rather than replicating trends and clichés.

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In a collaboration with animator, illustrator and performance maker Ashleigh Djokic, the experimental short/music video Birdnest Hair is a celebration of scrappy optimism and womanhood. As of 2018, it has received recognition from 16 international film festivals.

    Austrian Barcelona Bucharest Chellavision Cinemaway CorvallisQueer Largo Mediterranean Roosendaal ShowMeJustice Super9 SuperGeek VanChan Visionaria

Press coverage and authorship

Interviews, articles, exclusives and editorials by and about Matt Hsu's Obscure Orchestra.

Live performance

On stage, Matt Hsu's Obscure Orchestra transmutes into a stand-up comedy music act, leaning into the ridiculousness of playing dozens of instruments aided by a loop pedal with no 'undo' function, and peppered with witty misadventures and sharp anecdotes.

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    Perfomed at TEDxQUT as one person orchestra in Brisbane, September 2018.

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    Festival shows and comedy

    Peformances at BIGSOUND 2017, Angry Mime (Backbone Arts) and DIY Festival.

  • bemac-bass

    One person orchestra

    Sweeping soundscapes from scratch with twenty instruments and a loop pedal.

  • Soundscape

    In Matt's travels, he makes field recordings to capture the spirit of these places, combining the sounds of nature, pastoral life and urban eclectica into a pastiche of soundscapes.

    • Taiwan
    • Japan
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Scoring bespoke music for feature film, short film, telelvision, games, theatre productions, advertising, digital media, dance, events and cross-disciplinary projects.

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    We See Each Other

    Created music for a digital stories project between Freya Wright-Brough and authors of refugee backgrounds.

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    The Legend of the Lost Pearl

    Worked with composer Hayden Riley providing trumpet, clarinet and percussion performances for an animated film.

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    Queensland Government

    Composed music for six 30 second adverts Queensland Government Office of Fair Trading national campaign.

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    4ZZZ Radio Reversal program

    Provided music for the Cracks in the Concrete oral histories project by Brisbane-based politics and philosophy talk show.

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    TEDxQUT 2018

    Engaged to perfom at TEDxQUT as a 'one person orchestra', creating a multi-layered composition with 20 instruments live.

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    Greens Councillor Jonathan Sri

    Provided a library of music for Gabba Ward Greens Councillor Jonathan Sri in creating digital media resources.

The Mouldy Lovers

Matt is a founding member of QMusic Award nominated folk-punk troupe.

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    Japan tour

    In 2017, The Mouldy Lovers toured across Japan with indie luminaries OreskaBand, Cavemans, Bloodest Saxophone, Gaka and Walkings.

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    Music festivals

    From summer festivals to charity grassroots events, we have played Falls Festival, Woodford Folk Festival and QLD Music Festival.

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    International supports

    Supported international icons such as The Original Wailers, The Skatalites, Neville Staple, Kenta Hayashi and Babylon Circus.

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    QMusic Award Finalist

    In 2017, The Mouldy Lovers were nominated for a Queensland Music Award in the World Music category.

Other band projects

Side projects, guest musician contributions and partnerships.

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    Gabriella Cohen

    Recorded with internationally acclaimed Australian artist Gabriella Cohen for her 2018 album Pink is the Colour of Unconditional Love.

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    Virginia Sook

    Matt joined French-Australian folk group Virginia Sook as a multi-instrumentalist and arranger in 2017. Now based in Europe.

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    Joined Indigenous Australian band Apakatjah to perform at Woodfold Folk Festival 2017/2018, forming strong and lasting bonds.

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    Matt has recorded and performed with Bosnian-Australian singer-songwriter Amela on her singles Better Off and Uniforms.

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